Dating Tips for Teens

We created this dating tips for teens section because it’s not easy being a teen and we want you guys to understand why dating is very different in your teenage years compared to when you are in your twenties or older!

First up, if you are 13-19 years old and are in middle or high school, then you need to understand that guy and girls your age value things differently.

  • Fitting in is more important for most (but not all) teens.
  • The ‘cool crowd’ appears to be more important in school than it actually is in later life.

These two aspects exist in everyday life when you are older, but this dating tips for teens article is focusing on these two aspects because they are far more important when it comes to teen dating.

If you are a teenage guy, then you will obviously find the hottest girls in your school the most attractive.

If you are a teenage girl, it is not necessarily the best looking guy that you find attractive. Instead, most teenage girls find that the hottest guys are found in the social circles of the ‘in crowd’.

Dating Tips for Teen Guys

So if you are a teen guy, then it is super important to realize that becoming a pickup artist won’t help you much when it comes to getting with the hottest girls. (it will as you get older, but being a pickup artist in a social circle setting like high school and college usually makes girls think you are weird).

Instead, and this is going to sound annoying: Stop worrying so much about immediately getting the super hot girls!

Being in the right social circles is more important than having the best pick up lines. It will take a while to get the girl you want but everything you need to do is explained in this dating tips for teen guys article.

Dating Advice for Teen Girls

There is nothing worse than knowing you like a guy but are unsure if he likes you back. Luckily there are some great articles here to help you get his attention and attract him.

First up, let me say this from experience, as teenagers, girls are far more mature than guys. So you have to expect young guys to do immature and dumb things from time to time. Not only that, but they are really bad at noticing the signs that you are attracted to him.